In Just One Vote

In 1645 one vote gave Cromwell control in England.

In 1649 one vote decided the execution of Charles I of England.

In 1776 one vote gave America English instead of German as a language. Now it's the world's.

In 1868 one vote saved Andrew Jackson from impeachment.

In 1923 one vote made Hitler leader of the Nazi party.

In 1981 Nahau Rooney won the Manus election by one vote.

2001, one vote decided the Senate of the Philippines not to open an envelope that was said to contain incriminating evidence against the president. The final vote was 11-10, in favor of keeping the envelope closed.

In 2010, one vote can make a change, start up the progress, and make a history for the Philippines.

Every vote count. It is our duty to choose the  best person to lead and serve the country.

Adapted from: Christopher Notes
For: http://caloycoy.blogspot.com
Carlo H Andrion
Oct. 24, 2009


  1. Tama. Vote wisely. Suriin, usisain, tingirin. Haha.

  2. in just a SINGLE vote, everything will change

  3. That's the point. Marami kasi ang nawawalan ng pag-asa 'cos they do humiliate their voice needed to be expressed without recognizing that one can change the whole. =D

  4. If every Filipino will give a glass of water each, then we can have an ocean. Just as this: If everyone of us will vote the right candidate then we can have a history. Giving the change, revolutionizing the Philippines and attracting progress thereafter.

  5. i hope...and will keep on hoping that this coming election will benefit every one of us and not just those who are showing interest but have another motives....

    itama ang boto
    iboto ang tama

    i will vote for the person who i think can help this country...
    hope i can make difference....


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