Me, Myself, and I (A Cliche Title)

I'm a plethora of contradictions.Carlo Hernandez Andrion is almost synonymous to irony. I can be overly hyper one moment & totally out of mood the next. They say I'm a brat-a spoiled one at that, but I beg to disagree. I just want to get what I like. Hehe. Either you'll LOVE me & i'll like you twice as much,or RESENT me & I would be oblivious of your pathetic existence anyway. Some find me snobbish but im just initially shy. Plus the fact that I'm not used to making the first move. So i appreciate those who exert extra effort just to know me (flattery can get you anywhere). I am perennially late but I acknowledge the importance of time(sometimes). Im a couch potato but I also enjoy partying & hanging-out. I've actually mellowed down through the ages. Close friends consider me corny but I wonder why they laugh their hearts out whenever i crack a joke and burst with my sudden fits of one-liners. I'm never contented but am easily satisfied. I am unapologetically lazy but easily motivated to do something. I try to make the most out of everything even if I have nothing. I surprise myself sometimes. I don't tolerate mediocrity because of my stupid idealisms. I'm not into relationships and commitments but I love to be pampered and showered with affection. I can be too paranoid but apathetic in some isolated cases of schizophrenic episodes. Waahh!!!Am I making sense here? I just wana have a long description of myself just as long as your wasting your time reading this useless wrangling of words. I believe that people don't actually read long write-ups about other people such as this one so I intentionally made it long enough to trigger boredom. Hmm... Go figure. =P