Pamiyabe 12

So here it is, me as a fellow on Pamiyabe 12. This is another opportunity to learn. Define thankful.


On being a Journalist

Ed Lingao: I like to think that journalists should read more than they write, listen more than they talk, think more than they speak, and sometimes, cry more than they would like to admit. After all, journalism is about learning, more than anything. That is why we talk to people, observe, probe, unearth, research.
We are the ultimate students, learning on everyone else's time, intruding into other people's lives, and getting paid for it in the process. At the same time, some of us get famous too, and run for public office. And we are the ultimate teachers. We wield the power of mass media, we command the airwaves. If it's in the media, it must be true.
Politicians claim to love us, and the public wants to elect us. Sometimes, maybe too many times, it gets to our head, and we believe our own propaganda. So what do we make of journalists who write but do not read, talk but do not listen, and still have the gumption or the nerve to try to mold public opinion on current events?



10 Jan 2012
2:38 AM

Bathala, salamat po sa biyaya na sa tuwing magigising ako ng ganitong oras at nagugutom, may pagkain pa rin sa ref.

- Carl