Eyebrow-Raising Scenario

This blog is a journal. (Absurd?). This is a compilation of my batting-eyelashes-for-a-cause encountered hitherto. Well, this is just another entertaining microcosm as per every one of you may view. But for me, this is just another comedy that was worth reminiscing, and eventually worth insulting. The following wrangling of words are true as far as the author is concerned.

1. Mga Bulok na Pinoy
I don’t think if I am in the wrong decision for letting a friend to read this. He is a super duper Twilight fan, oh! I stood to be corrected. He is a Twilight slave. He keeps on talking on talking and eventually talking on Twilight’s story and its etceteras whether it was already shown on the cinema or not. Well, I don’t loathe him, for such reason that I like other story much as he did. Let’s call him Mr. Twilight. But reasoning out doesn’t need to be ended here. What I am into was—
(After reading my expose)
Mr. T: So what you are trying to imply pal?
Me: To react is guilty. To laugh sets you free.
Mr. T: Do you know what you are saying?
Me: Absolutely. I know what I am saying as much as you know what you are in to.
Mr. T.: (batting eyelashes)
Me: So I guess Twilight ends here.
I know he had the right to tell the world about the story. But I am not going into the world who is ready to listen to that. If he wishes responses of what he is talking, then he should have his multiply and have it published so that he could control his crowd. If you are reading this Mr. T. I am not against with you. I don’t give a damn anger to anyone like you. I am just protecting my right to choose whom I want to listen and to believe to.
2. Professors’ Feud
Second year students in our University were all under the classes of these two beloved women of our campus (Hahaha). Both can teach Sociology and Psychology. So they are budding Sociologist and Psychologist. But I can’t stand the fact that the prime movers of these interesting courses in our campus are the ones who not applying its fundamentals - SOCIALIZING. Well I guess you will never wish a Professor having a debate with someone who isn’t there. Well, that was just a senseless intro about them. Let’s now move on to the lesson.
Of course, we are primarily affected. And what’s more affecting is, our semester grade that lays both to them. “It’s time for you to choose. Psychology or Sociology?” Of course there came three types of students: a) The ones who chose one and then loses one. b) the ones who loses both. c) the ones who don’t want to lose any.
But I don’t know what came to my mind why I chose to lose both of them. During my classes with them, I was not fond on listening to the other’s drama of what she might think on the other. I might not say I am neutral for I don’t intend to give a damn listening to their senseless sentiments and futile explanations. That was the time I knew that even the most intelligent human can destroy her essence when she was being controlled by anger and insecurities. . What’s the point of showing your sympathy? High grades? One point zero? Well not for me. Of course, there came some opportunists. They’re the ones who showed much sympathy when the first talks about the latter and when the latter talks often about the first. Of course, the semester has ended. It’s time for answering the blank on the classcards.
Me: Who got 1.0 in Sociology? In Psychology?
: ________ got 1.0 on both subjects.
Me: Ooooh. Entertaining result. How did it happen?
: No doubt he’s intelligent. How about you Mister?
Me: Silence rewarded me 2.0 in Socio and 1.75 on the latter. Not bad afterall.
He’s intelligent : Too low!
Me: “Aanhin mo ang uno kung wala namang prinsipyo.” (I can’t find good translation that’s why it ended here Filipino.)
: That’s what you call intelligence. (Batting eyelashes)
3. Election Registration Scenario.
After hours of long waiting, I am done with the registration process. Then, of course there are some hard-headed Filipinos who are fond on the “last-minute” thing. It’s 4 PM and registration will cease at 5 PM. No extensions ‘cos there was never an overtime pay. Then some barangay constituents came.
Ale: (Tinatawag ako. Pumunta kami sa sulok.) “Iho, pwede mo ba ako mahingan ng form? Wala kasi dala itong anak ko eh.”
Me: (long silence, I was undecided) “Nako di po pwede Antie, yun po yung patakaran. Kapag nagbigay po sila sigurado marami rin ang gagaya.”
Ale: Sige na. kami lang naman at SK Chairman ka naman eh kaya bibigyan ka nila.
Me: Di po talaga pwede Antie, Balik na lang po kayo sa July 20-21. Registratin Dates din ng Barangay po natin.
Ale: (Batting eyelashes at walang kibo)
4. Yoopee (To react is guilty. To react sets you free.)
Conversation with a former -classmate-and-now-yoopee-student and a bittersweet friend.
UP student: “Oi bakit di mo tinuloy application mo for UP? Maganda dun. Wala kang masasabi sa Profs.”
Mr. Bittersweet: “Di kasi sila mayaman kaya bakit pa siya mag-aaral dun?”
Me: “Oi magtigil ka!. Haha”
UP student: (batting eyelashes with her extra eyelashes and turns for a walkout drama)
Mr. Bittersweet: “Tama naman diba? Eskwelahan ng matatalinong mayaman yun.”
Me: “Eh saan naman yung kabaligtaran”
Mr. Bittersweet: “Saan pa eh di sa *censored*”
Me: “Hahaha. Mokong. Ang dami mo ng nalalaman.”
Mr. Bittersweet: “Kesa naman dun sa school niya. Para kang pinapasweldo ng boss mo para labanan at siraan siya. So what kung wala kang masasabi sa Profs nila eh hindi naman nila na-hired lahat ng matatalinong tao para lang magturo dun. Nagsabog din ang Diyos ng katalinuhan sa ibang lugar. Hindi nila nakuha lahat.”
Me: “Loko!!!” Hahaha
5. Bias and Prejudice
: “Panget! Panget! Panget!”
Me: “Aha! Ang ganda mo!? So you mean maganda ka?”
: Biro lang naman!
Me: “Alin dun? Yung sinabi mo o yung sinabi ko?” (wala siyang kawala)
: “Biro nga lang!”
Me: “Pwede ka naman kasi magbiro ng hindi nangde-degrade ng pagkatao!” (Fave one-liner)
: (batting eyelashes)
“It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more ‘manhood’ to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.”
-Alex Caras

“When you run out of options, stick with your principles.”


  1. hehehe... mga sentimyento ba ito sa buhay? oo nga naman. life truly is not perfect. hay... ngunit ganyan talaga.

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    Pakilagay rin po na kaibigan po kayo ni Rcyan. Salamat po talaga ng marami. Pasensya na po uli sa abala.

  2. this is my form of apology to you, life is colorful

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