Welcome to Heartbreak

La Liberte Des Prix

Welcome to the heartbreak! A thought I felt a month ago. Thirty days has passed, do I still feel the same? Maybe not exactly the same but the only thing that was really sure is that I feel better. Freedom is such a sweet word for me now. This scenario has just proven that the love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned. Letting go was not as easy as falling in love especially when you still love that person more than you know. I know there’ll be some sort of “someday” or “second chance”. I am not closing the door. Maybe we had just the right love at the wrong time. Aaaw! That reminds me of a familiar song. I just realised that she needed more of a friend than a one like me. It kills me but it never did. I am looking forward now to future optimistically. Love alone was not enough. You’ll badly need communication and respect.

It may be absurd for you that a man writing this kind of stream of thoughts. Well I don’t care for as long as this is true. Men also fall in love. And when we say it, WE DO. No more hesitations and backing off. But as some girls do, We also get tired. Hey! we’re all humans, vulnerable and sinner. Thus we feel the same thing. Loving a girl is more grueling than a girl loving a man. But loving a girl is more of a sucky thing than loving a woman. Got the point? The only thing she did wrong is she loved me ‘cos she’s lonely and not because she’s ready.

Now I am done with those sleepless nights, unappreciated sacrifices, unreplied messages, alone lunchbreaks, long hours of waiting, going home late, and monthsaries with her friends. I never felt regrets with that. I am confidently say that I gave my all and I gave a little more. Stupid love as they say but they will never understand that way I took it. I am now thankful enough ‘cos I learned something that nobody can teach - a lot rather. For some point I am still lucky. I found her. Things may never happen the same way twice but I still love to take the risk. That’s life and I speak for it.

To all singles, I salute you! Happy Independence. (June 12, 2009):)

Afterall, Freedom is Priceless. Yow!

Hugs!Bonjour Monsieur/Madame

Carlo H Andrion

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