Published Opinion: Media is Now a Big Business

Carlo H. Andrion

How much time do you consume spending time listening to the radio, watching television, and reading broadsheets? Does it kill your time more than your studying and perhaps your working do? Do you believe of what the media teach more than you parents had to say?

Nowadays, media (i.e.  television, radios, newspapers, tabloids, magazines, and the powerful internet) plays a big role in polishing and honing the public especially the young minds. The media offers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in broadcasting and airing information you should need to know and the need-not ones. They have been your favorite entertainers, teachers, and worse your bible. From cartoons for the children, educational programs for the school-ers, teen-oriented shows, reality television, fantasy shows, sci-fi, crime stories, love stories, talk shows, news, and even to those Rated-18 shows. A myriad of entertainment genre has now been available at the click of a remote. Media is everywhere. From the streets, busses and trains, schools, at home, work sphere, and even in wireless communication. All are now being controlled by the media. They keep us in touch with the international and local world. Media was being patronized and prioritized now.

In the seventy’s Philippines, the government’s media inhibition led to finally overthrow the overstaying, unconstitutional, and the overpowered government. That was not an overnight suffering and struggle for the media to broadcast the real score and status of the Philippines that time. The overpowered government took lives of the hundreds of opposing media men and had been controlling the information circulation for a long time. Though media was imbibing the consequences of having a democracy-squandered government, they are being so helpful in that scenario. Delving deeper, how did the media inhibition move the democracy-famished populace? Somehow, because media was the last resort and refuge of the savagery-stricken Filipinos that time, they were finally pissed off which led the peaceful revolution. Whatever commotion and ruckus may arise, it was a total proof how people has been fascinated with the media. They are clinging to it considering their personal beliefs associated with the media. And what is next for the Philippines? We are still clinging to the media hypes and scheme. All illogical things make happen with the power publicity.

In the U.S., the media utilizes gruesome and gory crime stories because that is the stuff that people are more likely to buy. They don’t nurture the viewers with public awareness. Portion that induces rational thinking. They don’t serve them pieces that influences and encourages people to talk or even to raise a question. Questions that may have been beneficial to the viewers seeing the rudiments of relationship between power, rank, and eminence but never had a break to ask. And surprisingly, those identical media manner has now been conquering the Philippine primetime television. I may not need to name those, but to give you a hint, switch your channel to 23. It’s the channel that accommodates imports that Pinoy shows have been succumbing for.  From dawn to midnight you are bombarded with unnumbered foreign-made viewing. And to count Pinoy-made, you can have it in your hands.

Hitherto, Philippine media is still having the compact moral standards – somehow anyhow. The Philippine Government and the Mass Media has been somehow threatened by each other. Having a shame and preempted by each other in their unconscious custom. Fear of being deprived in any sense, in any way, and reserves tacit feats. If they ram with each other, they just pause a little and then recedes. In the zenith of their juxtaposition of who influences the general public more and worse, I will presume that the media disturbs us more.

In communal setting, the media poisons the viewers’ characters somehow if the media obstruct the right thinking. It was sordidly conceptualized that some things which shall be delicately deliberated was brought into mainstream for money-making.  Innumerable bad implications of media conquering were the monopolizing of the media man’s opinion into airwaves. A mogul trying to insist personal beliefs, and opinions to the public labeling it as ‘righteous’. The media hype has now been characterized by the teenage girls’ fascination to superficiality through flirty magazines who serves as their bible and boys who are getting hooked on sexy mags, and films that heightens the breadth and width of their pervert ego. It is now converting the must-treasure conventionality of the early Filipinos into a belligerent and malicious environment. Changing and resetting the norms and creating new fads and shoddier crazes. Relevance has now been being modified, not from the righteous customs but on the eye of the blinded masses.

If I have to reckon the media with, they are powerful. They are influential, commanding, authoritative, controlling, prevailing, dominant, potent, great, mighty, formidable, weighty, mighty, muscular, brawny, sturdy, forceful, hard, violent, robust, formidable, crushing, vigorous, and sinewy. All strong adjectives that may describe them belong to them. But only one adjective prevails elsewhere in the media, they are co-existent with the civilization. They are forever – If we will assume. Thus they are continuing on creating changes, and shiftiness on the relativity of man’s nature to adapt. They give an instant attention. Turning and giving a makeover to some untalented individuals to shine and leaving nothing for the deserving. Reaping the labors form the one who shall have it.  They are merely exaggerating if not saying the right. Whatever is 'hot' they seize for it just for the sake of gaining exclusive advertising contracts and any means of profiting. Money-making is their business, and serving the viewers with the right programming is just an option.
Somewhere along the line, I still believe. That someday the mass media will feed me nutritious and not destructive nourishment for my insurmountable famine of curiosity. I highly commend the radical forms of media anyhow who kills the fashion that I have been describing before. Blasphemers as others may foresee, but they have my utmost entrustment. I am still getting rewarded seeing other people killing the fashion. The fashion that almost everyone are getting in to. Media is everywhere, thus their threats will tolerate in the air. Somehow, somewhere along this timeline I still want consider that there are still worthy bunch of meticulous mankind ready to scrutinize what goes and comes around. Of what to take up, swallow in, and digest through. Poison is a poison whenever they’ll put it and we will never know if it is, unless we are ceased.

Intellectual Property Rights Reserved:
Carlo Andrion y Hernandez
9 Aug. 2009


  1. I will echo Chiz Escudero. Hindi niya ko supporter pero for once may nagustuhan ako sa sinabi niya. Wag tayong matapos sa pagiging 'hopeful' dahil may magagawa tayo higit sa pag-asa lang.

  2. Without collective efforts, and sole action is futile. Hindi ako makakapagpapabago ng isang sistema kung ako lang. Maybe sometimes a whisper may endure the commotions, but never as always. And this kind of social problem will never give a chance to hear a whisper.:-)

  3. Matagal nang isyu ang media. At marami nang nagnais ayusin ang mali ang nakain ng sistema. Konti pa. At nangangako akong pipilitin kong wag magpakain sa sistema kapag handa na akong pumasok sa mundo ng mainstream media.

  4. Naobserbahan ko din. Media gained my utmost interest before. If we have the same aim, it is indeed a nice thing.:-)

  5. We do. Kaso may problema sa sistema. Aminin na natin, kahit na passion mo ang pagbabalita whatsoever, kailangan mo ding kumita ng pera e..

  6. Oo tama ka. But it was an act of impartiality because the essence of media was being taken for granted. It never hit the spot that should be.

  7. Kung titignan mo yung fact na kailangang kumita ng tao bilang act of impartiality, e di majority ng trabaho at field, hindi lang ng media, ay nate-take for granted. Bilang lahat naman ng trabaho ay may essense din maliban sa kumita ng pera. Nagkataon lang na laging napupuna yung sa media.

  8. Tama. Tama ka. Marahil kaya midya ang madalas mapansin at masisi dahil sila ang may pinakamabigat na tungkulin para impluwensyahan ang mamamayan. Sila rin ang nagsisingit ng mga bagong ideya tama man o mali.:)

  9. Hindi lagi, nagkakataon lang, tulad ng sabi mo, na midya ang laging napapansin..

  10. The good thing though, is that there are still lots of shows that would feed someone's curiosity. Like documentaries and stuff, the not so good thing is that, the shows are being aired so late that only few Pinoys are able to watch it.

    The thing is, that someone should know what kind of show should he watch. Although, I do believe that in every show being aired, there are still bits and pieces of information that can educate us, change us even. Nasa satin nalang yun sa kung papaanong paraan natin ididissect, idedeconstruct o titignan ang isang palabas.

    Isipin nalang natin na bawat tao e ibang parte ng elepante ang hinahawakan, kaya iba-iba rin tayo ng magiging interpretasyon doon. Katulad na lamang ng pelikulang Schindler's List, diba? Ibinan yun dito sa Pinas dati dahil sa frontal nudity, pero sino bang tao ang maaarouse pag nakita mong sandamakmak na tao ang mamamatay, kahit na sangkaterbang ari pa yan, awa lang ang mararmdaman mo.


  11. And the bad thing is, there are still much more viewers who don't have the ability to "dissect" and "deconstruct" what the 'must know' from the 'not'.

    "Kung sasabihin sa akin ng isang bata na gusto niyang manood ng R-18, pagbibigyan ko ba? Kung sakali, responsibilidad ko ang patnubayan siya. Pero hindi ko naman siya pwedeng turuan at pagsabihan na masama iyon dahil mahihirapan din siya na intindihin. Pero may isa akong nakikitang solusyon. Ito ay iiwas ang ganoong palabas sa taong alam kong magiging masama ang dulot nito."


  12. That's true. However, marami na rin namang mga tao ngayon ang marunong tumingin ng tama sa mali. Ang nakaktawa pa nga, ung mga governing bodies pa mismo na nagreregulate yung mga makikitid ang pag-iisip na mababaw ang pagtingin sa pang-unawa ng tao. Sa totoo lang, nakakainsulto.

  13. Anyhow, marami na nga sila.

    Pero (makulit lang) hindi ko mai-kompromiso ang mga mga hindi nakakaintindi. One manifesto is, Indie Films are the ones who are reaping awards and outside the country pa. Sa Pilipinas ang nagkakaroon ng award ay yung mga lesser sensible stories and they have the audience bragging themselves as "blockbuster". Hitherto I have no idea kung kelan magsi-cease ang ganyang kalakaran.:-)

  14. haha.

    oo nga, totoo rin yan. Pero (makulit rin), in fairness naman sa indie films ngayon, mas marami ng nanonood compared noon. Ngayon, marami na ring films ang SRO pag showing, lalo pag Cinemalaya kaya medyo natutuwa rin ako na marami ng nakaka-appreciate ng indie films. At siguro kahit medyo masamang point pa rin, e napapirate na rin sila, which means na may audience na. Haha.

    I think hindi kailanman magsi-cease yung ganitong kalakaran kasi, sila yung mga sikat e, kaya kahit mga walang kawawaang kwento e pinapatos na ng mga tao, kasi nga sikat. Haay, hindi ko rin maintindihan paminsan, ang pangit pangit ng plot, halatang rip-off sa ibang pelikula, blockbuster? Kakaimbyerna.

  15. Oo nga somehow napirata pa. At dun sa mga mangagaya? Pai GMA FIlms at Regal pumatol na din. Wala na ako makitang orig kundi sa Indie lang. Naaawa ako sa mga ordinaryong Pilipino (tulad ko) na naiipit sa kapangyarihan ng mayayayaman. Hahaa. *evil laugh. Dahil pinatataba ng Diyos ang mga baboy para mas masarap katayin.:)

  16. The thing with indie kasi, hindi sila (filmmakers) takot to make films na ginawa nila dahil gusto nila, hindi sila takot sa kritiko ng ibang tao, tsaka mas konti yung mga pakielamero with regards sa morality ek ek na side lang nila yung iniintindi nila. Kaya mas appreciated sila internationally e.

    Kawawa talaga. Haha. Imagine manonood ka ng sine para sa pelikulang walang kakwenta-kwenta tapos yung mga worth it movies, mahirap hanapin, piling movie house lang nagpapalabas, kaya ayos din yung Rob e no, dun kasi nagpapalabas e.

  17. I will demand na magkaroon ng Robinsons sa tabi ng bahay namin.:P:P:P:P

  18. Hahaha.
    Onga, luging-lugi kayo sa mga quality films.
    Yan ang maganda sa Manila e.

  19. Anong silbi ng bangketa? Kay anga may pirata dahil mas malaki ang demand sa probinsya.:P

  20. Ow?
    Mahal naman. Dito mura.
    Mas ayos dito sa Quiapo. Bonggang-bongga!
    Maraming-maraming marami. Hahaha. Ikaw na susuko e.
    Quiapo, planta ng pirata!


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