Thanks, again

Philippine Blog Awards 2011

For the second time around, thank you, thanks Kuya Andrew for the nomination. Now, at least this year, I didn't do it for myself. 

To some friends, who kept on visiting this blog these past months, I have tried so many times to close this blog, yet here I am again, and there you are, again, dudes and dudettes.

To all other visitors, thank you for reading, even most of the time your presence are not that appreciable. Magparamdam lang kayo.

From Commentary in 2009, to Personal Blog this 2011, the trails is not that typical.

This is again, another humbling experience, after the Gawad Ernesto Rodriguez, and after Youngblood.

I take this as another motivation to write, and not anything.

Till then!

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

Here are the better blogs.

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  1. No worries buddy! U deserve it.

  2. @Andrew: Ikaw na naman ang nauna kuya! Go back to work. hehe

  3. @Citybuoy: Dude, good luck to you! You have 2 entries. I'll pray for that! :)

  4. @Citybuoy: Dude, good luck to you! You have 2 entries, and I'll pray for that!

  5. I would like to quote Ziglar. :) But then, you are an awesome writer. Cheers!

  6. @Pointless Paranoia: Thanks Jonell. I know the smile. :-)

  7. @MErdz: Quote Ziglar, what? Hehe. Thanks for the sophism. It helps, really.


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