When the Eggs Get Caught

Warning: Fiction unless backed up with links.

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"Napuna ko lang na yung billboard na malalaki, na sa tingin ko na hindi angkop sa mga bata."said Valenzuela City Mayor Gatchalian to the members of the media last July 8.

Mayor Gatchalian is heeding for the immediate dismantling of the huge billboard of the members of Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team. Of which he finds a 'kakampi' in the person of Mayor Benhur Abalos of Mandaluyong where the 'bird-boards' were located.  

Andre Woolf a member of the Volcanoes, regarded this act as 'politicizing'.

"Philippine Volcanoes are endorsing Bench and promoting a team na lumalaban para sa ating bansa, hindi lang billboards promoting ourselves to political popularity." (Wolff via BBM)

Mayor Gatchalian defended, "Kung sa ibang tao tingin nila ito ay artistic, ito ay maganda, pero sa ibang tao ito ay offensive at ito ay hindi maayos, lalong-lalo na sa ating mga kabataan."

"Nagkataon lang na yun lang ang pinakamalalaki na billboard. Iyon lang ang napuna ko." Now, Mayor Gatchalian is convinced that it is BIG.

Another member, Ned Stephenson, said he saw nothing wrong with the ad campaign.

To be fair, there are other 'lewd' billboards in the metro.

Like this:

"The Mayor of Mandaluyong is having the #Bench #Volcanoes billboards removed.Dati ba wala bang nakalagay na billboard na my nakabrief?," tweeted Andrew Wolff.

Does that mean we could remove also Mayor Abalos' posters in Mandaluyong? It seemed like every corner of the street is occupied with same face.

 Happy to 'catch' the birds.

Now, the empty billboards.

Two men, tweeting contentedly.

RB: MMDA Chairman says male underwear ad violated size restrictions. He meant the billboard size, of course. By that way, that was a brief statement from the chairman. :-)

SG: wild ka ruffy! Tawa ako ng tawa sa tweet mo!

RB: Oh, you're getting the hang of it.... :-) RT :  or he could go on and say that the models were too cocky.

SG: I love your "brief" jokes... Wala na ba?

RB: No, it's not true that this male underwear billboard issue is just about some people jockeying for attention. It was a legitimate concern.

SG: thanks bro! Sobra naman talaga you "men in briefs" billboard! The billboard was 4 stories high! 

Are they frustrated underwear models? 




That's how the birds were caught.

Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian is the former boyfriend of actress, Pauleen Luna. Relevance to the post? Lol

To be doubted: 91% of men in Metro Manila do not have that 'fit' body. It's depressing to see if you're a man, and more depressing if you're a married woman because your man is not that 'hunky'. K.


  1. Sherwin's just bitter because he lost Pauleen Luna. Hahaha

  2. hahaha. late posting pero worth reading ang blog. anywhores, bitter lang yang mga yan. Those posters are not actually eyesores. but that's me and all the other girls ogling those guys goodies (abs). They should have taken off that F&H billborad of Angel Locsin. Haler? Adobe Photoshop much? Seen her up close in skimpy outfit, she does not have that kind of bod!

    lol at Pauleen Luna's tummy. Cellulites, teh? Hahha. Pero off topic na yun. lol.

  3. late posting? oo nga ni-import ko lang to sa blogspot ko haha


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