War, and Peace, and Car

Warning: Fiction, unless backed up with links.

With the recurring blast of the PCSO anomalies, some netizens stated that this could trigger the battle between the government and the church. Not the war that someone need a shell and certainly not the war that where one needs an ancient warship

BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-11)

Despite the controversies, Malacanang insisted that they (gossipmongers) should stick with the issue, not with the personalities. Sure thing. (Trying to pretend that they're objective enough.) 

Bishop Bastes of Sorsogon cleared that 'everything was incidental' and that having a gift (SUV is more than a gift) from PCSO is just a result of auditing. One of the anomalies that PCSO is committing. (Trying hard to escape eh?)

What the Palace has to say? "Let's stick with the issues." (Valte) Sounds cliche. K.

However, Bishop Bastes commented on the manner of ongoing Senate investigation as it zeroing in the poor bishops who, according to him, do it for the love of their people. (Bravo!)

"There are many corrupt things in PCSO do not involve 'bishops'." (Yes father.) The incident was just a 'little' thing over many things. (As the sophism proceeds.)

Should we be “thankful" to the bishops because they are doing things the government failed to do?

Tondo Feeding Center and Remote Area in Metro Manila

Overseas, peace is now temporarily attained in South Sudan. Yuba is now the capital of the new-birth nation. Now it's people is living at ease (at least), until the US government will come to realize that there's much greater deposits of oil there. 

Back to Pipland, critics were shocked when they heard that PNoy sold his car, Porshe 911. This ultra-mega fast car is worth 4.5 Million. 

Now that PNoy is no-faster, that could mean he's not rushing with his lovelife anymore?

I couldn't tell either.

President Noy is an anagram of Nerdiest Pony.

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