Haiku and a Free-verse Poem

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Apology for the hurried composition. For I was into demanding and tiring schedule. But this one's fun. I' was able to apply what I absorbed in my Literature courses. Hope this one helps. These are made while listening music in my phone. One thing I mugged up, Poetry is much of a drudgery than essays for me. =D

Note: This poems are no-brainers. Really!

Where is She

I glanced at horizon.
I wonder how, the reason,
For my life somehow.

(Inspired by the song 'Where Are You' by Justin Roman and Soluna)


So frail and fragile,
Concealed yet most essential.
Have it for awhile.

(From 'When You Believe' Leon Jackson's rendition)

Angel of Mine

Someone has fallen,
‘To my heart, down from heaven.
Whose love have risen.

(Stirred from 'Angel of Mine' Monica's rendition)

I Dreamt a Dream

Once I dreamt and will always be.
A world of which I want to see.
Of each there’s solidarity,
A Utopia in harmony.

A world where there is no money.
Hence, there should be no poverty.
Where everyone wants equity,
A manifest equality.

A world where there is abundance.
Filled with grace and love at a glance.
Where rain swerves with air in the dance.
And wind surges in exultance.

Where there is no such religion.
Divides the world into region.
Rather men come as a legion,
With a unified ambition.

A world which do not have countries,
And has limitless boundaries.
One can travel without bleakness,
Of the farthest extremities.

Silently sleeping at night,
Rest in zenith of the twilight,
Down the hazy sky tonight.
I will hug the tomorrow tight.

Where the sun endlessly shines down.
Will never make the people frown,
For all the bad days will be blown.
Away from this land we call own.

But it was then a dream I dreamt,
Chance for me to believe for it.
Whether may or I may not felt ,
I’ll cherish it until my death.

(Motivated from the songs: 'I Dreamed a Dream', 'Wonderful World', and 'Imagine')

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Caloy Hernandez
Sept. 17, 2009

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