My Very First Encounter With a Promil Kid

FLASH-Promil-a milk brand claiming to improve child's brain system function thus creating a gifted child.=) I don't know if it was true to everyone. Just sharing.

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At last, after an hour waiting for my bus, I can now go home. I went in, proceed to the back part of the bus. Sat beside a child. I think he was on his kindergarten. Thus seemingly prominent to his age. Hope so. Singing the usual nursery song... "May isang chikading na dumapo sa sanga dumating ang isa dalawa na sila"--uulitin ang kanta hangang sampu. Tapos aalis isa-isa ang ibong chikading hanggang sa sanga na lang ang matira. I can't hid my grin. Nakakatawa kasi enjoy yung bata. It seemed like he doesn't got bothered by my presence. Astig! Cool. Kapal Muks. lol

Back to the story. Across the aisle pala is his Parents. Relaxed and watching on the bus TV "Forrest Gump" Movie. Good. I like that movie. Then maybe a minute after or two. The bus came to pass a church. Particularly a ENCM (Every Nation Campus Ministries) promotional. If you happened to know this is the "1Life to Live" slogan. The child read aloud the phrase. Suddenly the child blurted out of his curiosity.

" Sir, if you have only a life to live how would it be?"

I was overwhelmed. First he addressed me "Sir" which is not I am used to. Secondly, by his question. Of course we are all know that we have only a life to make it better. Though he asked a contradicting question It awakened me. Paano nga ba kasi?

"Maybe, if I can help building some schools, church, and hospital once I graduate and pass my board exams, got a job and have enough savings for my family. (I am taking up Civil Engineering). And please don't call me "Sir", kuya is enough and Carl will do.( Anak ng tinapa. Kumakanta ng chikading, Inglesero pala.lols).

"Okay Carl." Then he offered his hand.
"I am John."

WTH! How could be on that exuberant ages could act like a cultured man!? He must be gifted. Beyond his exquisite intelligence John was obviously gifted with GREAT PARENTS. Poking back his question. He replied.

"I will be a Priest, having no cathedral but having a church."
"A Government official having no office yet have a big honest heart."
"A Farmer not owning hectares of land but always have seeds ready to plant and share."
"A Teacher having no classroom but do have bounty of good knowledge and wisdom."
"And maybe as a child, cherish my parents and love my enemies."

" Love your enemies. Hahaaa. Forgiveness!" I replied.

"Forgiveness. The fragrance that the flowers give when they are CRUSHED." John said.

Ouch. Aray!. Well said. What John told me gave an impact inside me to be nice and stay nice even others don't. Unaware, his parents was listening. " Pagpasensyahan mo na. Nasobrahan yata sa promil." (Todo promo na 'to. Promil must give me gift packs. lol)

I was silent in the rest of the ride. The bus pulled over. I am home. I bid goodbye to John and to his parents.

"Adios Carl." (Nako po! Pati Spanish binanatan!)

On my bed before going to sleep. I wrote it on my planner. Marked the date and the child's name---John. It was happened March 16, 2009. 'Twas Monday.

Thus John 3:16--- which is according to my Philosophy Professor, The Greatest Love Story Ever told.


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