The Man Who Seldom Sleeps

Tuesday morning:

Tuesday morning:

Mum woke me up at 8 AM. I had my sleep at the living room with my T-square, triangles, technical pens, and tracing papers. I am in a rush doing my plates for my CE132L course. (That course was intended only for planning and drawing the structural details of a two-storey building.

It was in the wee hours of Tuesday, I am staying late (from Monday evening) to working too early (Tuesday morning). The twist in the story was; by 9 AM the floor plan, four elevations, foundation plan, doors and windows sked, beam detail and sked, and slab are due for checking.

At that moment I was still planning the Elevation. Though I am not yet done with my work I slept by 5 AM and be awake at 8. I got so tired that I didn't notice that I was able to sleep in the sofa right at the living room.

It was 7:30 when my Mum tried to wake me up.

Mama: "Wake Up! You have classes today? At what time?"

(Gising na. Wala ka bang pasok? Anong oras ba klase mo?)

I: (I was stretching my arms) "2.8 Mum." (2.8 po ma)

I was half-awake by then so I didn't even understand what the hell was going on.

Mum: (asked the same question) (inulit ang tanong)
Ako: "I said 2.8." (2.8 nga  po ma.)

At 8:30 Am, after realizing that I might arrive late, I rose even my eyes were still swollen and hefty.

Just before I took my bus off to school, my elder brother told me the story. I was ashamed of what I did. (Haha) I was dumbfounded at that time while my big bro was laughing and mocking at me incessantly. That's the way I knew my story. (LOL) (Kinuwento ng kuya ko. Hiyang-hiya ako habang siya ay tawa ng tawa. Dun ko na lang nalaman.)

ENDING: Our prof was absent that day. He attended a meeting at the main campus. (Wala si Prof. May meeting sa main campus. Ayun. Sayang ang pinagpuyatang kahihiyan.)


P.S: The 2.8 there was the height of my first floor in meters.

And this kind of thing is what keeps me busy from January until May this year. No more social life and I seldom take a slumber too. (Sighs)

But still I am happy and I love life.

Carlo Andrion y Hernandez
March 10, 2010


  1. Don't see drafting done by hand much anymore.

  2. LOL, the same thing happened to me just last week (:

    nice post

  3. It is a requirement though. Profs wouldn't let us to use computer-aided design platforms. So it is a must. =)

  4. How about that? Tell the story. I'll listen. =)

  5. lol. Hahaha. Nakakarelate ako ng sobra! Sleep-talker din ako. Bwahaha.

    Nung natalo kami sa Science Quiz Bee, sabi ni Mama nun, nagsalita daw ako ng Columbia, Columbia. lol. Answer yun sa isang tanong na di namin nasagot. Bwahaha.

    Pero madalas e pag nagrarush ng writeups for Journ classes nung college, yung mga essays ko paggising ko, kung anu-ano yung karugtong ng sentences na hindi naman dapat andun. Cooool. Hahahaha.


  6. Haha. Utak mo rin pala magulo! XD

  7. Korek. Pero okay din paminsan kasi nalalaman ko na yun pala iniisip ko subconsciously. :D

  8. rush, rush, rush..
    isang yugto ng buhay mo na kagaya ko din.. whaaa.. lols


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